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Research Report 016 Economic disbenefits of dust from unsealed roads

Published: | Category: Environmental impacts of land transport , Research programme , Research & reports | Audience: General

Potential economic disbenefits of dust emission from unsealed roads impact on crop production, animal food supply and health, accident potential, property values and maintenance costs, vehicle operating costs and personal health.

A literature survey concentrating on overseas literature has found that very little information of a quantified nature is available. Moreover, transferring the results of some of the work on dust generation carried out in developing countries is difficult because if differences in climate and road materials. By including some New Zealand studies, it was concluded that the most significant potential disbenefits from dust emissions arise from a reduction in crop yield and possibly [an increase] to vehicle operating costs.

Keywords: Accidents, agriculture, clothing, communities, dust, economic disbenefits, environment, health, horticulture, housing, insurance, land values, palliatives, people, pollution, roads, road surfaces, tourism, travel times, unsealed roads, vehicle operating costs, vehicle wear, visibility

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  • Published: 1993
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