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Research Report 177 Quantifying and improving the performance of road markings

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This project was undertaken to establish reliable test methods by which the performance of road markings in New Zealand can be assessed. These tests can then be used by roading authorities in specifying performance and by contractors and manufacturers to improve products.

Key tests used to quantify road-marking performance had been giving uncertain results. Measurement of reflectivity needed to be made more consistent and limits of precision established. A reliable laboratory-based skid test for paints was needed to enable product development. The consistency of field trial testing needed to be established so that manufacturers coud systematically improve both the performance and cost-effectiveness of their products. The study determined the reliability of these tests and makes recommendations to improve them.

Keywords: road marking paint trials, retroreflective measurement, skid resistance, test methods, test repeatability, New Zealand, M/7 specification

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  • Published: 2001
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