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Research Report 217 Natural hazard risk management for road networks: Part I: risk management strategies

Published: | Category: Natural hazard risk management , Research programme , Research & reports | Audience: General

Road networks are lifelines for the community and are essential for the economic well-being of New Zealand. Significant natural hazard events can also cause widespread disruption to transportation, leading to significant repair costs to road controlling authorities, access difficulties for emergency services, and disruption to road users, tourists and the community at large.

As there is a lack of systematic methods available to consider natural hazards that can affect road networks, and to develop methods for managing the risk, research on a strategy to prioritise mitigation, preparedness planning, and management of the road network was carried out by Opus International Consultants (Opus) in 1999–2000.

The report outines methods for developing appropriate strategies to manage the risk.

Keywords: natural hazard, New Zealand, roads risk, (risk) management, mitigation

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  • Published: 2001
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