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Research Report 225 Environmental protection measures on NZ state highway roading projects – volume 2: key issues and observations from the study

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This project was undertaken in 2001 to review environmental protection measures that have been applied through the Resource Management Act (RMA) process, to a sample of 35 state highway roading projects constructed in New Zealand, between the years 1991 and 2001.

The results of the project are presented as two reports:

The investigation takes a retrospective look at these projects to find out (using site visits, file searches and interviews with original participants) how the protection measure performed.

Volume 1 is presented in the form of a reference guide to past practice in the management of environmental impacts of roading and contains sections dealing with such issues as sediment control, noise, effects on fish, weed control, landscaping etc. Each section contains examples of environmental protection measures that have previously been used on roading projects and a discussion on any feedback or findings on experiences in the implementation of these controls.

Volume 2 contains a summary of key issues and observations from the study. This volume provides a focus for areas where further research may be needed and where further improvement could potentially be made to the way that the environmental management of roading project is currently conducted.

Keywords: assessment, coastline, consent conditions, dust, environment, fish, landscaping, management, mitigation, New Zealand, noise, pollution, protection, Resource Management Act, roads, sediment, state highways, stormwater, topsoil, vegetation, weeds, wildlife

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