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Research Report 249 The effects of trench patches and service covers on predictive modelling

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This report describes the results of the project commissioned to investigate the effects of trench patches and service covers on pavement management.

The main objective was to identify the effects of poorly reinstated and defective service covers on pavement management, in terms of pavement deterioration and pavement strength, and to recommend procedures to remedy the detrimental effects of trenches and service covers on pavement performance.

The research was carried out in four stages:

  1. review of the available national and international literature
  2. development of rating system;
  3. quantifying effects of trenching operation on pavement structure and performance characteristics
  4. identifying immediate remedial measures for adoption.

Road Assessment and Maintenance Management (RAMM) and Road Opening Notice (RON) databases were compiled for three road controlling authorities. A comprehensive system was developed for inventory and condition data of trenches and covers.

Additional data items were recommended for inclusion in the RAMM rating survey.

A deflection survey was undertaken to determine the effect of trenching on pavement and strength characteristics.

Roughness was selected for detailed comparison of condition and performance of trench and trench-free sections.

The difference in the cost of maintaining the road network due to the presence of trenches and covers was determined. 

Also, the change in the maintenance regime and the effects on pavement and surface lives were estimated. It was found that poor reinstatement decreases pavement performance and life, resulting in increased maintenance and pavement rehabilitation costs. Immediate remedial measures to be adopted in the deterioration modelling were identified.

The objectives of Stage 2 of the research were also identified.

Keywords: condition rating, trench reinstatement, service covers, pavement management, reinstatement surface index, roughness, sectioning, predictive modelling

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  • Published: 2003
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