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Research Report 254 SASW – a method to determine pavement composition & strength

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An investigation into the application of SASW (seismic analysis of surface waves), to measure the layer thickness and material moduli of pavements to assess pavement strength, was carried out in 2003 on roads in New Zealand. SASW is a well established, non-destructive technique for the characterisation of subsurface geotechnical properties. Its potential to describe the properties of road pavements was investigated by testing it on 13 sites on state highways where test pit and FWD data were already available. Using SASW the following information was obtained:

  • shear moduli at different depths
  • the average shear modulus of the basecourse
  • layer thickness information
  • a continuous longitudinal profile of the moduli showing the variability within a pavement structure.

An economic alanysis of SASW and other techniques used in New Zealand for pavement testing and design was also carried out to determine the potential benefits of improved pavement strength knowledge, at both network and project levels.

Keywords: composition, Love waves, New Zealand, P-waves, pavement, Rayleigh waves, road, S-waves, SASW, seismic analysis, strength, surface waves

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  • Published: 2004
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