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Research Report 276 Developing a hazard risk assessment framework for the New Zealand state highway network

Published: | Category: Natural hazard risk management , Research programme , Research & reports | Audience: General

The New Zealand Civil Defence Emergency Management (CDEM) Act (2002) requires all lifelines, including the road network, to be able to function to the fullest possible extent during and after an emergency, and that lifeline providers have plans for such continuity that can be made available to the Director of CDEM if requested.

To be able to meet this legislative requirement, road network managers require a comprehensive framework for identifying, evaluating and managing risks to the road network.

This risk management framework needs to strike an appropriate balance between capturing the complexities of hazard risks to the road network, and the need to be cost-effective, achievable, and likely to be taken up and actively used by those people managing the road network.

Keywords: hazard, risk management, risk assessment, road, road closure, state highway

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  • Published: 2005
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