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Research Report 299 Land transportation and noise: land use planning for a quieter New Zealand

Published: | Category: Sustainable land transport , Research programme , Research & reports | Audience: General

This research carried out in Christchurch in 2004 and 2005 looks at the problem of land transport noise in New Zealand and examines the effects of noise, and the options for its reduction.

Lessons from international examples show that land use planning methods can be applied to New Zealand to ensure sustainable transport and development outcomes. Land use planning is most effective as a preventive tool while technical options may be more effective for existing noise problems.

A key lesson from international case studies is the need for integration of policies within different government departments to achieve sustainable outcomes. An approach that integrates traditional land use planning measures with transport planning has proved effective in many European countries and is being used by state planning authorities in Australia and the United States.

Keywords: land use, New Zealand, noise, planning, roads, transport

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  • Published: 2006
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  • ISBN/ISSN: ISBN 0-478-28711-9 ISSN 1177-0600