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Research Report 327 Transport impact guidelines for sites development

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This research project develops best practice guidelines for carrying out transport impact assessments (TIA) of development proposals in New Zealand. International research was undertaken during 2005 and 2006 by Beca Infrastructure Limited. There is a significant variation in the content of TIAs for developments around New Zealand, which in many cases have not fully taken into account the passing of key national legislation, including the Resource Management Act 1991 and the Land Transport Management Act 2003.

The guideline serves two main purposes:

  • a guide for those carrying out TIAs that identifies the scope and content of assessments according to development location, type and size
  • a guide for those reviewing such assessments to determine that the content is appropriate to the size, location and type of development being assessed.

A process has been identified from notifying council of the proposal through to completion of the TIA, if required. This does not replace existing Transit New Zealand and Auckland Regional Transport Authority guidelines. Checklists of inputs to TIAs have been developed for four identified levels of assessment (basic, neighbourhood, local area and wide area). The level of detail required will depend on the level of impact expected from the proposed development.

Beca Infrastructure Ltd was commissioned by Land Transport New Zealand to undertake research and prepare a good practice guide for sustainable land use development to be used by all practitioners of transport planning in New Zealand. Research was undertaken during 2005−2007.

The methodology put forward in the guide is intended to be flexible enough to be useful in considering the transport impact of all land-use developments.

The research covered the following main areas:

  • comparison of New Zealand and international best practice
  • consultation on the most appropriate approach for a transport impact assessment (TIA) good practice guide in New Zealand
  • methodology flow-chart and checklist.

The report summarises the results of a literature search in New Zealand and a wider search of relevant worldwide literature, supplemented by inputs from international experts.

The report includes a comparison of best practice in New Zealand and internationally and a qualitative assessment of the ‘pros and cons’ of each approach. This assessment takes into account the differing statutory requirements and land-use planning issues in the countries whose practices have been compared with those of New Zealand.

Keywords: Assessment, best practice, development, development thresholds, district plan, guideline, planning guidelines, resource consent, site development sustainability, traffic, traffic impact, traffic impact assessment, transport, transport assessment, transport impact, trip distribution, trip generation, trip rates

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  • Published: August 2007
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