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Research Report 335 Performance tests for road aggregates and alternative materials

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Aggregates used as base materials in thin-surfaced granular pavements common to New Zealand contribute at least half the wheeltrack rutting and roughness seen at the surface.

Currently, no reliable cost-effective measure of an aggregate’s resistance to rutting in specifications exists.

Several test methods using the repeated load triaxial (RLT) apparatus were investigated for use in specifications for basecourse aggregates.

Rut depth prediction methods and pavement finite modelling were applied to the RLT results to determine traffic loading limits for the aggregates tested.

It was found that the average slope from the six-stage RLT test was the best predictor of traffic loading limit and this test was recommended for use in basecourse specifications.

Keywords: aggregates, deformation, New Zealand, performance specifications, recycled materials, repeated load triaxial, road surfacing, rutting, strain, stress, testing

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  • Published: 2008
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  • ISBN/ISSN: ISBN 978-0-478-30942-3 ISSN 1177-0600