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Research Report 034 Bridge maintenance management systems

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Bridge inspection and maintenance management systems used in New Zealand and overseas have been identified and reviewed. The research was undertaken in 1992/93. Comprehensive bridge management systems have been implemented, or are in the process of development, in many overseas countries. These are considerably more advanced in capability than the inventory and maintenance recording systems used at present (1990s) in New Zealand.

Considerable benefits are to be gained by adopting an advanced comprehensive bridge management system for application in even relatively small countries or regions. The main benefit is that rational procedures for classifying bridges and ranking maintenance, replacement or rehabilitation priorities on a nationwide basis can be implemented.

Evaluation of extant systems shows the Pontis system, developed for the United States Federal Highway Administration, as being that most appropriate to New Zealand requirements.

Keywords: Bridges, bridge management systems, BRIMMS, inspection, maintenance, management, New Zealand, Pontis, roads, transport

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  • Published: 1994
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