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Research Report 354 Better integration of land use and transport at a regional level: scoping of regional guidelines

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The integration of land use and transport is considered to be a key priority in delivering a sustainable transport system, yet its implementation remains problematic. The Integrated Approach to Planning (IAP) project has identified both the barriers to implementation and a range of approaches that seek to achieve better integration of land use and transport.

This report contributes to the IAP project by scoping the contents of a toolbox specifically designed to assist regions to better integrate land use and transport and by recommending to Land Transport NZ the content for the toolbox and how it should be developed. A toolbox approach recognises that New Zealand’s regions vary greatly in size, complexity and the issues that they have to deal with, and as such ‘one size does not fit all’.

The approach to scoping the toolbox was to research a range of tools across the spectrum of six key action areas developed by the IAP project: legislation; policy (non-legislative); institutional frameworks; funding; planning practice (implementation); and capacity and capability. These tools were discussed with members of a steering group who provided a breadth of knowledge and experience from across New Zealand, and assisted in the refinement of the tools and prioritisation of the elements of a regional toolbox that form the recommendations in this report.

The research for the report was carried out between October 2007 and May 2008 as part of Land Transport NZ’s 2007/2008 Research Programme.

Keywords: implementation, integration, land use, New Zealand, planning, regional, sustainability, transport

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  • Published: August 2008
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