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Research Report 374 Comparisons of NZ and UK trips and parking rates

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Trip generation, parking demand, modal split and travel activity related to different land uses are fundamental information for transportation planning and land use planning, now and in the future. While trip generation related to residential, business, tourism, recreation, industry and rural activities has been investigated, these areas have not always been surveyed or analysed consistently or reported in sufficient detail to provide transportation professionals with a robust assessment for planning and design purposes. This investigation sought to establish whether trip making and parking demand were similar between similar land uses in New Zealand and the United Kingdom. The conclusion is that travel patterns over a wide range of land uses, and especially those related to retail shopping centre activities, are similar in both countries.

The analysis includes retail, service stations, restaurants, fast food, business parks, manufacturing, warehousing, medical centres, preschools and residential activities. Many characteristics are shared. It showed that New Zealand vehicle trip generation rates are marginally higher than the UK’s for most sites. However, more surveys are required in New Zealand to give more useful data. Ongoing and parallel surveys in both countries would have good value, as would exchange of information between transportation professionals.

Keywords: trip rates, parking rates, trips, parking, TRICS, TDB, database, travel modes, land uses, retail, residential

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  • Published: 2009
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