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Research report 494 Supply chain innovation: New Zealand logistics and innovation

Published: | Category: Integrated land use and transport systems , Research programme , Research & reports | Audience: General

This research was undertaken in New Zealand and Australia during 2012, to identify opportunities for, and barriers to, innovation in the freight and logistics component of selected export supply chains. The research was undertaken in two phases, the first a desktop review of similar studies completed in New Zealand and overseas. Three export sectors were then chosen for more in-depth analysis (namely forestry, meat and wine). The second phase of the research incorporated a number of face-to-face discussions with a sample group of sector participants and industry peak bodies.

The desktop research and the discussions with industry participants were used to identify a number of key trends in innovation common across all sectors. These included collaboration between industry participants, use of information technology, increased transparency and control of supply chains, new transport technologies, supply chain restructuring to generate cost savings, leveraging international relationships to generate economies of scale and realisation of the benefits of like industries clustered in the same location.

A number of recommendations have been made for further actions to assist in addressing specific issues and/or barriers to innovation.

Keywords: export forestry, export meat, export wine, innovation, integrated freight and logistics, supply chain

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  • Published: August 2012
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