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Research Report 548 Literature review of the costs and benefits of traveller information projects

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The NZ Transport Agency selected URS NZ Ltd to conduct a literature review in 2013 to find available cost and benefit information for traveller information systems (TIS) and associated products. The outcome of this literature review will be used as reference material for current traveller information projects and as the basis for future New Zealand TIS projects.

This study aims to begin to fill the knowledge gap in the field of TIS and provide detailed information on the costs and benefits associated with the use of TIS. TIS have been accredited with providing various direct and indirect benefits to the end user during day-to-day journeys and on key transport routes during the pre-trip and en route travel stages. The claim is that TIS increases travel efficiency by better utilising the existing transportation network. The end users of TIS are essentially anyone who needs to travel – no matter what the mode. This includes pedestrians, cyclists, public transport users and drivers: travellers, motorbike riders, motorists, freight operators, commuters, drivers of emergency vehicles and all other drivers. Many governmental organisations as well as transport operators provide TIS which implies there is some perceived merit to the expenditure.

Literature was investigated from New Zealand and around the globe during the course of this project.

Keywords: benefits, costs, information, journey, planning, real-time, systems, technology

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