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Research Report 058 Seismic assessment of New Zealand highway bridges: development and testing of preliminary screening procedures

Published: | Category: Natural hazard risk management , Research programme , Research & reports | Audience: General

A preliminary screening procedure for the prioritisation of New Zealand State Highway bridges is presented. The procedure is designed to identify bridges which justify detailed assessment of their earthquake resistance.

The derivation of the procedure is described and the source material is listed. The results of a pilot application carried out in 1994 of a preliminary version of the screening procedure are presented. The pilot application considered 29 bridges on State Highway 1 between Bulls and Wellington, North Island. 

The results from the screening procedure were compared with those from an economic analysis which used base data from an approximate structural assessment. The comparison led to some modifications being made to the preliminary procedures to produce the final version. Results of the comparison and details of the modifications are presented.

Keywords: Assessment, bridge, earthquake, highway, road, seismic, New Zealand

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  • Published: 1996
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