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Research Report 652 Assessment process for the condition of unsealed roads

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Unsealed roads remain the backbone of the New Zealand’s economy. Less than 40% of local roads in New Zealand are sealed, yet most of New Zealand’s farm produce, important tourism and forestry harvest start their journey to the international market on unsealed roads. It is therefore essential to plan the investment into this network based on appropriate data.

Traditional data collection using visual assessments was not sustainable given the fast-changing nature of unsealed roads. This has left councils not knowing what data to collect on the network, thus necessitating this research project that aimed at developing data collection processes to facilitate better decision making and performance reporting.

This report recommends frameworks for decision making at strategic and tactical asset management levels alongside a performance framework consistent with the One Network Road Classification process. These frameworks were the primary input into the process for condition data collection and broader data requirements for unsealed roads.

The outcome of this research needs to be further supported by industry groups such as RIMS to facilitate the ongoing development of tools and implementation by councils.

Keywords: blading, data collection, dust, grading, gravel roads, performance management, unsealed roads

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  • Published: March 2019
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