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Research Report 066 Ground penetrating radar for pavement investigation

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Ground penetrating radar (GPR) as a non-destructive pavement investigation tool, and its application for use in New Zealand, have both been evaluated. The study was undertaken in two stages between 1992 and 1995.

Stage 1 is a literature review and assessment of commercially available GPR equipment, as well as the selection of a system and system operator, to evaluate its use in New Zealand road pavements.

Stage 2 records the results of field trials of the selected GPR equipment (and operator) on selected sections of urban and state highway pavements.

Specific objectives of the trial were to determine:

  • structural layers
  • layer thickness
  • moisture changes beneath pavements
  • location of underground services.

GSSI SIR System-8 GPR equipment, operated by GB Geotechnics, was trialled. This equipment was able to identify structural layers in pavement materials that show significant contrast in relative dielectric properties. GPR was not successful in determining moisture changes in pavement layers but it did identify the presence of most underground services.

Keywords: Charges, evaluation, ground penetrating radar, GB Geotechnics, layer thickness, moisture, non-destructive, testing, pavements, radar, services

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  • Published: 1997
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