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Research Report 068 Sealed unbound granular pavements

Published: | Category: Activity management , Research programme , Research & reports | Audience: General

This project involved a review of literature that was available in 1993 with additions from some 1995 documents, on the design and construction of unbound granular pavements. This type of pavement is that most frequently used on New Zealand roads as it generally performs well and minimises costs.

The technical literature, to 1995, and the standards and specifications used by a number of international roading authorities, have been reviewed. As a result a number of research findings have been identified as being potentially beneficial for further investigation and/or inclusion in future updates of the design and construction procedures of unbound granular pavements in New Zealand. Where possible, the research findings have been prioritised by determining their benefit/cost ratio.

Keywords: Aggregate, basecourse, construction, design, New Zealand, pavements, roads, shakedown, specifications, sub-base, subgrade, unbound granular

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  • Published: 1997
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