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Research Report 683 Determining the ecological and air quality impacts of particulate matter from brake and tyre wear and road surface dust: Stage 1 – Literature review and recommendations for developing new emission factors for New Zealand

Published: | Category: Environmental sustainability , Research programme , Research & reports

This research was undertaken to improve our understanding of particulate matter from vehicle brake and tyre wear and road surface dust from sealed surfaces, known as non-tailpipe particulate emissions, which can cause both human health impacts when discharged to air and ecological impacts when discharged to water. Non-tailpipe sources from road traffic in a New Zealand context are poorly understood and estimated and therefore this research will allow for better assessment of their human health and ecological impacts.

Stage 1 of this research was a literature review which has confirmed a large number of uncertainties and limitations in the determination of emissions from non-exhaust sources.

Keywords: air quality, brake road and tyre wear, emission factors, road dust, uncertainty, water quality

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  • Published: October 2021
  • Reference: 683
  • ISBN/ISSN: 978-1-99-004437-3