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Research report 706 Incentives to encourage safer driving behaviour

Published: | Category: Healthy and safe people , Research programme , Research & reports

This review was undertaken because there was perceived to be a gap in knowledge about the role and application of incentives to encourage safe behaviour and choices in the context of an overall safe system approach.The researchers found that incentives targeting younger drivers and fleet schemes have the greatest evidence for desired behaviour change, while layering or multiple incentives can increase reach and desirability for all groups.

Keywords: behaviour change, driving behaviour, incentives, road safety, safer driving.


J Thomas, WSP New Zealand, Napier
L Malcolm, WSP New Zealand, Lower Hutt
E Pacheco, WSP New Zealand, Lower Hutt

Publication details

  • Published: December 2022
  • Reference: 706
  • ISBN/ISSN: 978-1-99-106800-2