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Research Report 707 A narrative literature review of the effectiveness of interventions to reduce light vehicle travel

Published: | Category: Inclusive access , Research programme , Research & reports

This research was done to improve evidence on what works for reducing light vehicle travel. There is very little evidence of actual performance of interventions and the limited evidence available is reported in a wide variety of ways that makes it difficult to compare and apply to different contexts. Of the available evidence on interventions, they were more effective when applied in combination rather than individually. As an example, in the Netherlands a workplace that issued free public transport passes included shuttle services to major public transport hubs and extensive promotion.

Keywords: car use reduction, driving reduction, light vehicle travel, mobility management, mode shift, road traffic reduction, transport intervention, travel behaviour, vehicle kilometres travelled


E Pacheco, WSP Research & Innovation, Wellington
V Ivory, WSP Research & Innovation, Wellington

Publication details

  • Published: March 2023
  • Reference: 707
  • ISBN/ISSN: 978-1-99-106810-1