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Research Report 721 The characteristics of subsidised mobility services

Published: | Category: Inclusive access , Research & reports | Audience: Total mobility transport users

Disabled people can find it difficult to access and use public transport. To overcome this, many countries operate subsidised mobility schemes. These schemes provide disabled people with a personalised transport service that costs them less than an equivalent taxi journey. Aotearoa New Zealand’s scheme – Total Mobility – is being reviewed in 2023 and 2024. To help inform the review, this research looked at what we can learn from subsidised mobility schemes in other countries.

The researchers reviewed international literature on subsidised mobility, interviewed researchers who are studying subsidised mobility schemes in three different locations and settings, summarised their findings and developed recommendations to inform the review of Total Mobility.

The researchers recommend that future research in Aotearoa New Zealand aims to measure both the impacts that community transport, paratransit and mainstream public transport have on disabled people and the return on investment in subsidised mobility, so that any changes in investment can be appropriately targeted.

Accessibility, disability; paratransit; public transport

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  • Published: May 2024
  • Reference: 721
  • ISBN/ISSN: 978-1-99-106866-8 (electronic)