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Research Report 009 Calibration of NETSIM to New Zealand conditions: an executive summary

Published: | Category: Integrated land use and transport systems , Research programme , Research & reports | Audience: General

NETSIM, a very detailed computer model for traffic simulation developed in the United States, is validated and calibrated for use in urban street networks in New Zealand conditions. It is particularly valuable for dense and complex networks where other methods are seldom appropriate.

The development, logic and structure of NETSIM is documented. Each submodel is examined, and its associated requirements for sensitivity, validation and calibration, as well as its embedded parameters are identified.

Although more field calibrations and analyses of other than the four submodels considered for this report are required, most of the submodels tested were found to be valid. It is concluded that NETSIM can be usefully applied with its embedded parameters to New Zealand conditions.

Recommendations for further research and development of NETSIM for use by local authority practitioners and consultants are supplied.

Keywords: Calibration, computer simulation, NETSIM, parameter sensitivity, traffic modelling, urban networks, validation

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  • Published: 1992
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