Land Transport Rule

Vehicle Lighting Amendment 2014

Rule 32005/9

Note: This Rule should be read in conjunction with the consolidated version of Land Transport Rule: Vehicle Lighting 2004, which includes previous Rule amendments.

Wellington, New Zealand

PURSUANT to sections 152 and 155(b) of the Land Transport Act 1998, and after having had regard to the criteria specified in section 164(2) of that Act.

I, Michael Woodhouse, Associate Minister of Transport, make the following ordinary Rule:

Land Transport Rule: Vehicle Lighting Amendment 2014

SIGNED AT Wellington

This               day of               2014


Objective of the Rule

Extent of consultation

Section 1     Application

Section 2     Amendments to Schedules


Objective of the Rule

Land Transport Rule: Vehicle Lighting Amendment 2014 (the amendment Rule) amends Land Transport Rule: Vehicle Lighting 2004 (the Vehicle Lighting Rule). The Vehicle Lighting Rule sets out safety requirements and standards for lighting that is fitted to a vehicle to allow the vehicle to be operated safely under all driving conditions and so as not to endanger the safety of other road users.

The objective of the amendment Rule is to:


Extent of consultation

For the purposes of consultation, amendments proposed to the Vehicle Lighting Rule and ten other Land Transport Rules were combined into a single Rule, Land Transport Rule: Omnibus Amendment 2014 (the Omnibus Amendment Rule). Following consultation, the provisions in the Omnibus Amendment Rule were split into eleven separate amendment Rules, including this Rule.

The NZ Transport Agency sent details of the amendment proposals by letter or email to approximately 2,400 groups and individuals who had registered an interest in the Rules to be amended. The Omnibus Amendment Rule was made available through the NZ Transport Agency’s Contact Centre and, together with Questions and Answers, was also made available on the NZ Transport Agency’s website. The availability of the amendment proposals for comment was publicised in the daily newspapers in Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin and in the New Zealand Gazette.

The NZ Transport Agency received 25 submissions on the Omnibus Amendment Rule, of which 3 commented on the proposed amendments to the Vehicle Lighting Rule. The submissions received were taken into account in finalising this amendment Rule following which it was submitted to the Associate Minister of Transport for signing.


Section 1     Application

1.1     Title

This Rule is Land Transport Rule: Vehicle Lighting Amendment 2014.

1.2     Commencement

This Rule comes into force on 1 November 2014.

1.3     Principal rule amended

This Rule amends Land Transport Rule: Vehicle Lighting 2004.

Section 2    Amendments to Schedules

2.1    Amendments to Schedule 1

2.1(1)    In Schedule 1, the standard UN/ECE Regulation No. 31, replace “halogen sealed-beam unit (HSB unit) motor vehicle headlamps emitting an”, with “power-driven vehicle’s sealed-beam headlamps (SB) emitting an European”.

2.1(2)    In Schedule 1, the standard UN/ECE Regulation No. 112, after “filament lamps”, insert “and/or light-emitting diode (LED) modules”.

2.1(3)    In Schedule 1, the standard UN/ECE Regulation No. 113, replace “lamps” with “, gas-discharge light sources or LED modules”.

2.2    Amendments to Schedule 3

2.2(1)    In Schedule 3, clause (e), replace “agricultural, land management” with “non-agricultural land management”.

2.2(2)    In Schedule 3, clause (i), replace “.” with “;”.

2.2(3)    In Schedule 3, after clause (i) insert:

  • “(j)     an agricultural motor vehicle operated at not more than 40 km/h.”.

Land Transport Rule: Vehicle Lighting Amendment 2013 - Rule 32005/7
NZ Transport Agency, Waka Kotahi