Land Transport Rule

Work Time and Logbooks Amendment 2013

Rule 62001/6

Note: This Rule should be read in conjunction with the consolidated version of Land Transport Rule: Work Time and Logbooks 2007, which includes previous Rule amendments.


Objective of the Rule

Extent of consultation

Section 1     Application

Section 2     Amendments to Rule requirements

Section 3     Amendments to Definitions

Objective of the Rule

Land Transport Rule: Work Time and Logbooks Amendment 2013 (the amendment Rule) amends Land Transport Rule: Work Time and Logbooks 2007 (the Work Time and Logbooks Rule). The Work Time and Logbooks Rule sets out the requirements for administering the limits to the work time hours for drivers of certain vehicles, as prescribed by the Land Transport Act 1998.

The objective of the amendment Rule, and of amendments to seven other Land Transport Rules, is to ensure that legislation that affects the primary production sector is fit for purpose and does not impose unnecessary costs or restrictions, including on the ability of the sector to manage critical operations where time or the weather is a limiting factor.

This amendment Rule:

Extent of consultation

For the purposes of consultation, proposed amendments to Land Transport Rules applying to vehicles used for agricultural purposes were combined into a single Rule, Land Transport Rule: Agricultural Vehicles Omnibus 2012 (the Omnibus Rule). The Rule amendment proposals arose out of a review of agricultural transport legislation in 2012 involving government agencies, key transport and agriculture industry stakeholders and the public.

On 19 October 2012, the NZ Transport Agency sent details of the amendment proposals by letter or email to approximately 2300 groups and individuals who had registered an interest in the Rules to be amended. The Omnibus Rule was made available through the NZ Transport Agency’s Contact Centre and, together with Questions and Answers, was also made available on the NZ Transport Agency’s website. The availability of the amendment proposals for comment was publicised in the daily newspapers in Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin and in the New Zealand Gazette.

The NZ Transport Agency received 29 submissions on the Omnibus Rule, of which 19 commented on the proposed amendments to the Work Time and Logbooks Rule.

Following consultation, the provisions in the Omnibus Rule were split into separate amendment Rules, including this Rule. The submissions that were received were taken into account in finalising this Rule before it was submitted to the Associate Minister of Transport for signing.

Section 1     Application

1.1     Title

This Rule is Land Transport Rule: Work Time and Logbooks Amendment 2013.

1.2     Commencement

This Rule comes into force on 1 June 2013.

1.3     Scope of Rule

This Rule amends Land Transport Rule: Work Time and Logbooks 2007.

Section 2     Amendments to Rule requirements

2.1     New clause

After clause 2.5(8), insert:

2.2     Exemptions from requirement to maintain logbooks

Replace clause 4.4(2), with:

2.3     Alternative fatigue management schemes

2.3(1)     Replace clause 6.2, with:

2.3(2)     Delete clauses 6.3 and 6.4.

2.3(3)     Replace clause 6.5(1), with:

2.3(4)     Replace clause 6.5(3), with:

2.3(5)     Replace clause 6.6(2), with:

2.3(6)     Delete clauses 6.6(3) to 6.6(9).

2.3(7)     After clause 6.7(2), insert:

Section 3     Amendments to Definitions

3.1     Deletion of definition

In Part 2 Definitions, delete the definition of ‘self-propelled agricultural machinery’.

3.2     Insertion of definitions

In Part 2 Definitions, insert in the appropriate alphabetical places:

Land Transport Rule: Work Time and Logbooks Amendment 2013 - Rule 62001/6
NZ Transport Agency, Waka Kotahi