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I endorsements: How to become a driving instructor (Factsheet 5)

Category: Occupational driving , Factsheets | Audience: Motorists

This factsheet relates to obtaining an endorsement to become a driving instructor.

Vehicle registration (Factsheet 9)

Category: Vehicle registration / licensing , Factsheets | Audience: Motorists

This factsheet explains what vehicle registration is, why vehicles must be registered and when and how to register.

Health and fatigue

Category: Commercial drivers & operators , Guidance for specialists | Audience: Motorists

An introduction programme for drivers of heavy motor vehicles.

Research Report 663 The New Zealand public’s readiness for connected- and autonomous-vehicles (including driverless), car and ridesharing schemes and the social impacts of these

Category: Inclusive access , Research programme , Research & reports | Audiences: Electric vehicle motorists, General, Motorists

This research was commissioned to provide Waka Kotahi and the Ministry of Transport with information about the New Zealand public’s readiness to adopt four key mobility changes: autonomous vehicles, connected vehicle technology, car sharing, and ride…

Your vehicle failed a smoky exhaust test

Category: Vehicle choices , Leaflets & brochures | Audience: Motorists

This page is for vehicle owners whose vehicles have failed awarrant of fitness (WoF) or certificate of fitness (CoF) inspection because of a smoky exhaust.

DL1 Application for issue or renewal of driver licence

Category: Driver licensing , Forms | Audience: Motorists

Use this form if you are applying for any of the following: a driver licence for the first time to renew a driver licence a learner driver licence holder applying for a restricted licence a restricted driver licence holder applying for a full licence…