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Electric vehicle update

Category: Electric vehicle update , Newsletters , Corporate publications | Audiences: Electric vehicle motorists, General, Motorists

Latest news from the NZ Transport Agency’s electric vehicle programme.

Certificate of fitness (CoF) news

Category: CoF news , Newsletters , Corporate publications | Audiences: Certifiers, Vehicle inspectors & inspecting organisations

CoF news is part of a series of newsletters produced for each of the certification types presently administered by NZ Transport Agency.

Rail safety newsletters 2009–2021

Category: Rail safety news , Newsletters , Corporate publications | Audience: Rail participants

News update from the Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency Rail Safety Regulation team for the rail industry and safety assessors.

NZ Transport Agency Research

Category: NZTA research , Newsletters , Corporate publications | Audience: General

NZ Transport Agency Research is a quarterly publication profiling the findings of recently completed research funded through the Transport Agency research programme.

Alternative approved means of recording (electronic driver logbooks)

Category: Corporate publications | Audiences: Heavy vehicle operators, Taxi drivers & operators

Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency has the authority to approve an alternative means of recording matters (also known as electronic driver logbooks) relevant to monitoring work time.

Integrated planning strategy

Category: Corporate publications | Audience: Local & regional government

This strategy sets out what the NZ Transport Agency aims to achieve from an integrated planning approach.

Performance Improvement Framework (PIF)

Category: Corporate publications | Audience: General

We are one of 21 government agencies that have been assessed using the Performance Improvement Framework (PIF).

Cyclist skills training newsletters

Category: Cyclist skills training , Newsletters , Corporate publications | Audiences: General, Walkers & cyclists

A series of newsletters to update progress on the development of cyclist skills training in New Zealand.

High productivity motor vehicle permits (HPMV) – online application form

Category: Corporate publications | Audience: Heavy vehicle operators

NZ Transport Agencies High Productivity Motor Vehicle (HPMV) online application form* helps us to process your applications faster.