Updates to the motorcycle road code

This page lists any updates to The official New Zealand road code for motorcycling since the last published edition. These changes will usually have been cause by a legislation change. 

The current version of The Official New Zealand road code for motorcycling is 2023.

For updates to our other road codes, see the relevant pages:

Road code changes

In June 2023 we released the 2023 version of The official New Zealand road code for motorcycling

This road code has had a refresh to make it more accessible for learner drivers. 

We've removed information that isn't essential to preparing for a learner test, and it's available on our website instead. 

We've also updated most of the pictures to make them clearer for learner riders. The pictures have also been updated in the computerised theory test system.

There are no changes to road rules or driving regulations, so learner drivers can still use older versions of the road code to prepare for their test. 

Information we removed

Carrying passengers

Towing and trailer requirements for motorcycles

About competency-based training and assessment (CBTA)

Practical riding tests

Driving offences and penalties

What you can drive on each class of driver licence

This information is now available in the vehicles section of our website. 

Your responsibilities as the registered person

Vehicle licensing (rego)

Buying and selling a vehicle

Warrants of fitness (WoF)

Updates to road code content

Pg 192

Removed the following text:

Carrying a load on your motorcycle

  • Your load must not extend more than one metre in front of the front wheel or more than one metre behind the rear wheel.
  • Your load must not extend more than 55 centimetres on either side from the centre of the motorcycle.
  • Your load must not be loose and must not touch the ground.

See pages 58 for more information about carrying loads on a motorcycle.