Choosing your motorcycle

What to consider when choosing a motorcycle

Some of the most important things to consider when choosing a motorcycle are:

  • the size of engine best for you – remember, when you’re on a learner or restricted licence you can only ride a LAMS-approved motorcycle.
    LAMS approved and prohibited motorcycles
  • where you want to ride your motorcycle
  • the differences between various types of motorcycles, the advantages of each and your intended use
  • your riding ability and experience
  • safety features, for example ABS brakes
  • how much you intend to pay – remember to allow for the cost of protective clothing.

The size of the motorcycle

Buy a bike that fits you, for example, being able to put your feet on the ground.

Most bikes can be adjusted to suit your height and weight. Your local bike shop can help with this.

Choosing a motorcycle that’s right for your size, strength and experience

Asking yourself these questions will help you decide if a motorcycle is right for you.

  • When you sit on the motorcycle, can you reach and operate all the controls easily?
  • Is it the right weight for you? Generally, you can control a motorcycle that’s up to 3 times your weight.
  • Do you have sufficient skill to control the motorcycle?
  • Can you hold the motorcycle upright when you stop?
  • Can you easily put the motorcycle on its stand?

A blue motorcycle and rider face forward. The rider has both hands on the handlebars and one foot touching the ground.