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In collaboration with the Road Efficiency Group (REG), Waka Kotahi is releasing versions of the Asset Management Data Standard (AMDS) for review.

Road Efficiency Group

Further versions containing additional asset types and non-asset entities will be released for review to seek feedback prior to the roll out of the AMDS beginning in July 2021 and completed by 2029.

The reasons for releasing the AMDS in draft versions before final publication are to:

  • test suitability for use and gauge impact on people, systems and processes
  • stimulate discussion between transport asset data and asset management experts across the sector
  • gather feedback to iterate and improve
  • provide visibility to asset management software (AMS) vendors
  • enable early prototyping which will be undertaken by a small, representative group of road controlling authorities to test the impact of the new standard ‘in action’.

Work programme and timeline

If you would like to provide feedback, please request access below. We would especially appreciate feedback from those who work within the local government and transport sectors.

The data model

12 blue circles with the names of the concept schemes inside placed around in a circle with lines connecting them in the middle.

We have illustrated the second release of the data model for AMDS at a high-level. We invite you to play around with the model to explore the asset types being proposed, their structures and relationships.

If you would like to provide comments, complete the form below

View the data model(external link)

Technical specifications

The technical specifications, asset definitions and contextual data for the following asset types is the second of four modules released for feedback over the review and feedback period:

  • Locations: A draft cross-agency Location referencing standard is the first major component. It proposes a location referencing standard to be used across sectors and infrastructure types. It proposes a spatial first concept, with linear referencing and centre-line included for pavement and surface and rail assets
  • Zones: The second significant and related area is the concept of zones. Zones will allow us to capture multiple overlays to transport assets including environment, heritage, safety, speed, multi-modal and land use areas. It will help to resolve the handling of lanes, centre-line and linear referencing
  • Devices: Release v0.2 will then add to the ‘devices’ group and will include physical traffic controlling devices like traffic islands, speed humps and road markings plus street lights.

Note: Remaining ITS assets plus structures including bridges, geo-technical and water assets will follow in Release v0.3 in early 2021. Release v0.3 will also include changes to pavement and surfacing, barriers and device supporting structures in response to feedback to v0.1.

You can explore the current release of the AMDS by downloading the following files and technical specifications:

Title Description Download
AMDS Standard

Purpose and scope, sets out the high level overview and context.

Target audience: asset data managers and asset managers.

[PDF, 1.8 MB] [PDF, 1.8 MB]
AMDS Technical Specifications and Design Schema Handbook

Design principles and concepts, sets out the high-level design principles, models, and concepts.

Target audience: asset data managers and asset managers.

[PDF, 864 KB] [PDF, 864 KB]
Data model in RDF/XML format

Model name: AMDS – 0.1 – 2020-07-30

Target audience: asset data managers and information technology managers.

[ZIP, 866 KB] [ZIP, 866 KB]
AMDS data model in Turtle/RDF format

Model name: AMDS – 0.1 – 2020-07-30

Target audience: asset data managers and information technology managers.

[ZIP, 988 KB] [ZIP, 988 KB]
Simplified data dictionary for asset entities

A more traditional data dictionary tabular listing of attribute properties for the main asset entities in the AMDS data model – Microsoft Excel format.

Target audience: asset data managers

[ZIP, 659 KB] [ZIP, 659 KB]
Assets and attributes summary report

Comprehensive list of assets and their attributes, with attribute descriptors (properties) - CSV format.

Target audience: asset data managers.

[ZIP, 18 KB] [ZIP, 18 KB]
Value lists summary report

Comprehensive report of value lists and their corresponding values - CSV format.

Target audience: asset data managers.

[ZIP, 107 KB] [ZIP, 107 KB]

Request access to reviewing tool

A reviewing tool is available for you to visualise and provide comments on the proposed Data Standard in its current state. You can request access to the tool by completing the form below.

Note: the Data Standard is made by, and for the benefit of New Zealanders. Although anyone is welcome to request access to the tool, we may restrict access to New Zealanders, and any New Zealand land transport sector stakeholders and contributors.

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