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Issued date Topic
17 September 2021

TTM planner update(external link)

18 December 2020

TTM Planner deadline extension(external link)

TTM planner warrant requirement date

14 December 2020 TTM planner update(external link)
10 December 2020 MASH TL3 TMAs and Section I update(external link)
7 December 2020

TTM Notify - Update December 2020(external link)

TTM project priorities, webinar

16 November 2020

TTM project, CoPTTM review update, RWSHSP, webinar(external link)

30 September 2020

Retrofit covers on TMAs, TTM planner assessments, TTM workers, TTM conference(external link)

17 August 2020

COVID-19 and T&C roll-out(external link)

T&C roll-out on hold, training at alert level 2 and 3, NNCs, barrier workshops

14 July 2020

Introducing...our new CoPTTM website(external link)

New CoPTTM website, training and competency model update, TTM planner workshops

2 July 2020

CoPTTM Notice- Multiple changes (including changes to requirements for Engineering Exception Decisions)(external link)

1 July 2020

CoPTTM Notices - Section B and Multiple other changes(external link)

Section B; traffic control device approval; TMP field changes including temporary barriers, approval, named STMSs; On-site record changes

26 June 2020

Reviewing CoPTTM - Extension(external link)

CoPTTM review 2 week extension, stakeholder review group

12 May 2020

Reviewing CoPTTM - documents now available(external link)

Review process, feedback process, innovation 

8 May 2020

Reviewing CoPTTM - starting the discussion(external link)

Review webinar registration

21 Apr 2020

Barriers update(external link)

Update to M23 Appendix C, Temporary Safety Barrier Statement

20 Mar 2020

Covid-19 - Stay Safe: changes to training and warrants(external link)

Health and safety, online training, renewing warrants, TTM planner warrant requirement extension, TSL decision matrix

27 Jan 2020 Change to ROPE procedure, new TTM equipment, technical note for countdown timers and workshop dates(external link)