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Electric vehicles – special vehicle lanes

As part of the Government’s Electric Vehicle Programme (external link) , new measures in the Energy Innovation (Electric Vehicles and Other Matters) Amendment Act 2017 (external link)  and changes to the Land Transport Rules (external link) will enable road controlling authorities to make bylaws to allow electric vehicles into special vehicle lanes. 

Auckland electric vehicles – Phase 2 trial bylaw 2017

On 7 September 2017, the NZ Transport Agency enacted a bylaw allowing electric vehicles to use 11 priority bypass lanes (motorway onramps) on state highways in Auckland for a 12 month trial.

The NZ Transport Agency is sharing its experience and lessons learnt with other road controlling authorities, championing the concept and encouraging engagement. 

Flow chart

March trial

In early 2017, the Transport Agency ran a two week trial allowing electric vehicle drivers access to five priority bypass lanes in Auckland from 6 to 20 March 2017. Participants were asked to complete a survey, with feedback posted below.