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This page is to keep you up-to-date with the work that's happening on the state highway network in and around the Taranaki region. We've set this up to provide you with a snapshot of the work we're doing to improve the resilience and safety of the network and keep everyone moving.

If there’s too much jargon, please let us know. Our audience is diverse so sometimes we forget that some readers may not know what “Delineation and Audible Tactile Paver installation” means! You can reach us directly with feedback on

On this page you will find maintenance and repair information for:

Updated 22 November 2017

State Highway 3

Kent Road Culvert

A recent storm event severely damaged the culvert leading into the lake and will require significant repair. We’ve temporarily fixed the culvert by lengthening it and widening the road to keep traffic flowing in both directions while we work on a permanent replacement for the culvert.

A lower temporary speed limit will be in place during construction for the safety of workers and drivers and we are currently working through the details of a permanent solution.


Some pre-seal repairs are taking place now before we start the summer reseal programme. This includes temporary repairs to a number of pot holes as a result of wet weather, until permanent repairs can take place.

Options are being considered for the surface of SH3 between Smart Road and Vickers Road and surfacing will start this summer. This work is a continuation of last year’s surfacing between Waiwhakaiho Bridge and Smart Road.

Waitara to Bell Block

As a result of the growing pressures around Airport Drive, De Havilland Drive and the SH3/3A intersection, the Transport Agency will accelerate the work to find a solution. A workshop was held on 26 October 2017 to discuss the specific issues at these intersections, as well as looking at improvement options.

In addition to this we have almost finished developing a traffic model to test the impact of future growth on the local roads and the state highway network. It will be used to inform our investigations by establishing priorities for investment and developing recommendations to take forward into the detailed design phase at the end of 2017.

Awakino Gorge to Mt Messenger Programme

Work is progressing on the three projects that make up the State Highway 3 (SH3) Awakino Gorge to Mt Messenger Programme.

The preferred route for the Mt Messenger Bypass was announced on 31 August 2017. The bypass is 5.2km long with additional work at the southern end creating about 6km of improvements. It is located east of the existing highway. The route includes a tunnel, and a bridge over a significant wetland area.

New Plymouth to Hawera

The Safer Roads team have commenced work on the detailed business case (investigation), gathering data and establishing project timelines.  While the main focus will be on safety along the SH3 corridor, they will also look at opportunities to improve efficiency and resilience.

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State Highway 43

Options are being considered for extending the sealed sections of State Highway 43.

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State Highway 44

Pedestrian Crossing

As part of the Let’s Go pedestrian safety programme the Transport Agency is looking to install a pedestrian crossing along SH44, near Lardiat Street, to get pedestrian from the coastal walkway to the town centre. More information will be available as we make decisions on location and timing.

Moturoa Shops

Consultation has now closed, with a strong turn out from the public who provided feedback on local issues.  The Transport Agency is expected to confirm a preferred solution before Christmas. 

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State Highway 45

Discussions continue with the New Plymouth District Council to design the storm water improvements in this section of State Highway 45 to alleviate all flooding issues in this area.


The first package of quick wins is now underway and the community will start to see some of the changes bringing improvements as the work progresses.  Another short-term project will be to improve pedestrian safety at Wairau Road, with work starting prior to Christmas.

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How members of the public get in touch with us


When a member of the public contacts us to discuss, query, compliment or complain about something to do with the state highway network, we use a system that assigns the interaction a unique number so we can easily track it to completion. The query is then allocated to the appropriate NZ Transport Agency staff. The person enquiring can then follow up with the Transport Agency, quoting the reference number.

Normal response turnaround time is five days.

Get in touch

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