Ensuring that people and freight can travel New Zealand’s state highways efficiently doesn't necessarily mean building new roads. A significant focus for us is identifying ways to get the maximum use out of our existing state highway network. Providing travel choice through travel demand management is one of the tools we use to do this.

Influencing travel choices

In providing New Zealanders with travel choice we first have to take a close look at where they are travelling to, and when, and how and why they are travelling there.

We then aim to identify options for travellers, and influence and guide their travel decisions to deliver improvements. It involves looking at issues in a new way to identify improvements.

For example, instead of building extra lanes to deal with morning and evening peak congestion, it may be more cost-effective to encourage better use of the public transport system. The most recent example is construction of Auckland busway next to the Auckland Motorway.

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Other measures

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