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Consistent, reliable travel times for your daily journeys contribute to an efficient and enjoyable travel experience. For businesses, travel time reliability can be a vital component of their viability.

How do we monitor reliability?

Twice a year we undertake research (travel time surveys) to find out how long it takes road users at key locations in the country’s main cities to get from journey start to journey end.

The aim is to identify areas where journeys are taking longer, for example because of increasing congestion, determine whether the longer journey is acceptable – and if not, develop solutions to reduce the congestion.

Surveying congestion on the network

Congestion can have significant effects for travellers – particularly those using the roads for business, such as freight and tourism companies. We undertake travel time surveys to monitor where congestion is happening and to what degree. The surveys are done using vehicles equipped with global positioning systems (GPS) that drive specific sections of state highways and local roads during peak travel times on five consecutive weekdays in March and again in November.

Other measures

Learn about other measures we use to help keep traffic moving efficiently on our state highways, through: