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Auckland light rail


The Auckland Transport Alignment Project (ATAP) has committed to providing light rail between the City Centre and Māngere and to Auckland’s northwest within the next ten years (2018-2028).

The NZ Transport Agency is leading the development of the Auckland Light Rail programme with the support of our partners Auckland Council (AC), Auckland Transport (AT), and HLC.

Light rail is a frequent, reliable, high-capacity travel option that isn’t affected by congestion as it runs on its own dedicated right-of-way. It will connect communities to unlock critical housing and urban development opportunities, giving people better access to jobs, health, education and recreation.

It is a first for New Zealand that will provide a modern integrated public transport system with seamless connections and helping make Auckland’s transport network comparable with international cities like Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth, Vancouver and Portland.

City Centre to Māngere Light Rail

Find out more about the City Centre to Māngere Light Rail project

City Centre to Northwest Light Rail

The April 2018 update of ATAP identified a rapid transit corridor for the City Centre to Northwest light rail line following State Highway 16 between the City Centre and Kumeu/Huapai. It is scheduled for delivery in the first decade between 2018-2028, alongside the City Centre to Mangere line.

Investigations for the City Centre to Northwest line are at a very early stage. Factors that will be considered as part of a business case assessment include:
a. How best to support growth and desired land use outcomes for the North West area.
b. Opportunities and constraints provided by the current SH16 state highway corridor.
c. Integration with and opportunities provided by the wider proposed transport network.

Light rail will provide a critical connection for the Northwest communities to help them develop in a sustainable way.

When the business case is complete, the Transport Agency will have a better understanding of both the timeline for delivery as well as potential changes and impacts from both a transport and urban development perspective.

Benefits of light rail

  • More reliable – as light rail runs on a dedicated corridor separated from other traffic.
  • Better access – easier for passengers to get on and off, compared to buses and heavy rail.
  • More choice and better connections – light rail connects seamlessly with other transport modes such as heavy rail, buses, and shared walking and cycling paths to give people more choice about how they get around their city.
  • Reduced bus congestion – without light rail, bus congestion on key arterials such as Dominion Road, will increase to levels that affect reliability.
  • Supports sustainable growth and enables urban development – light rail will support sustainable growth by enabling development of the land along the route such as housing to create vibrant, liveable communities.
  • Improved amenity – light rail is an attractive, modern mode of transport that will help to create high amenity communities with better access to health services, jobs, schools and recreation.

Light rail market engagement

The Transport Agency is leading the procurement and delivery of the Auckland Light Rail programme with the support of our partners. A procurement strategy is being prepared following an initial industry engagement briefing with interested suppliers and industry participants on 31 July 2018 in Auckland, New Zealand.

You can download pdf versions of the powerpoint presentation and tender brochure from the industry briefing.

Auckland light rail presentation [PDF, 2.7 MB]
Auckland light rail tender brochure [PDF, 505 KB]

We have met with local and international participants who have delivery expertise and capability in the following categories relevant to light rail:

  • Professional services providers.
  • Civil works and infrastructure contractors.
  • Rolling stock, systems, operations and maintenance providers.
  • Infrastructure investors and financiers.

If you have any queries about procurement, please contact us on