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REG’s work aims to address high variability in service and costs across the national road network.

The Road Efficiency Group (REG) is a collaborative initiative between the NZ Transport Agency, LGNZ(external link)  and the Road Controlling Authorities (RCAs) of New Zealand. It was formed in 2012 as the authority to implement the recommendations of the broader Road Maintenance Task Force.

The REG partnership is focused on delivering change that will transform the transport sector as the New Zealand transport network transitions from private-vehicle/freight centric to a modern integrated system that includes all modes and available technologies and aligns the objectives of local, regional and central government.

REG exists to support RCAs as they work to understand the changes upon them and as described in Transport Agency strategy and the Government Policy Statement(external link).

The success of the REG programme has been the combined partnership of local government and the Transport Agency promoting the ‘sector to support the sector’, helping RCAs become ‘smarter buyers’ and the partnerships ability to apply constructive pressure on the sector to improve performance.

Road Efficiency Group structure