Austroads(external link) launched a new series of road engineering guides on 1 July 2009. They replace the now withdrawn 'Austroads Guide to Engineering Practice' series.

The 10 guides – comprising 96 parts – relate to almost every aspect of a road project life cycle. These encompass:

  • asset management
  • bridge and pavement technology
  • project delivery and evaluation
  • road design, safety and transport planning
  • traffic management and tunnels.

View a list showing which parts/guides replace the previous guides on the Austroads website(external link)

The NZ Transport Agency was instrumental in developing the guides and has responsibility for their use and ongoing development in this country. The guides have been validated against current best practice in New Zealand. Any identified issues are captured in either an amendment to the published guide or specific New Zealand Technical Memoranda.

About the Austroads Road Engineering Guides 2009

Launched in July 2009, the Austroads road engineering guides relate to almost every aspect of a road project.

The Transport Agency has grouped the 10 guides are grouped into three categories, according to their status and perceived impact on the New Zealand road industry:

Category 1

These are critical documents that have high impact on processes or procedures and physical works; they replace existing active design manuals and standards. This category includes:

  • road design (13 parts).

Category 2

These are best practice guidelines that have some impact on processes or procedures, rather than physical works; they are referred to in various manuals. This category includes:

  • asset management (16 parts)
  • project delivery (4 parts)
  • traffic management (13 parts)
  • bridge technology (7 parts)
  • pavement technology (22 parts)
  • guide to road tunnels (3 parts).

Category 3

These are information documents provided largely for reference, with little or no variations from current practice. This category includes:

  • project evaluation (8 parts)
  • road safety (9 parts)
  • transport planning (1 part).

Validating the guides

There is an on-going proving process in New Zealand. Each of the guidelines is continually assessed by practitioners against current best practice. All feedback on the suitability of the guides is welcome and should be forwarded to the Transport Agency.

Any irreconcilable differences or points that require specialist advice or clarification will be captured in a series of New Zealand specific technical memoranda. These will advise practitioners accordingly through the Transport Agency website. Other issues raised will become part of the guidelines' formal review process and will be dealt with according to their impact and risk profile.

Documentation updates

The Transport Agency constantly reviews its manuals and guidelines to ensure consistency, in reference and content, with all guides.

We will use this website to keep the infrastructure industry informed in respect of the developments in status of the guides and the corresponding implementation plan.

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Most guides are available for purchase on the Austroads publications website(external link).

New Zealand local authorities are able to have free access to the Austroads publications website through the Transport Agency's membership. Please email Austroads to request organisation specific access to this facility.

Give us your feedback

We'd like to hear your feedback on the guides – what works, what doesn't – as you apply them to your projects. Please email us at with your comments.