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Intelligent transport systems

'Intelligent transport systems apply information and communication technologies that support and optimise all modes of transport by cost effectively improving how they work, both individually and in cooperation with each other.'
From the Intelligent Transport Systems Policy Committee of the International Road Federation(external link).

Intelligent transport systems offer the transport sector opportunities to take our performance to the next level.

Read the NZ Transport Agency's Position statement on intelligent transport systems: responding to the opportunities [PDF, 609 KB] setting  out the Transport Agency’s response to the opportunities presented by intelligent transport systems specific to highways.

Highway ITS differs from mainstream ICT (information and communication technology) primarily due to large 'edge devices'. For example electronic variable message signs that require significant support structures requiring multidisciplinary civil, structural, mechanical, electrical, electronic and optical engineering expertise.

ITS standards and specifications framework

The ITS standards and specifications framework is intended to create outcomes of value for money, efficiency and effectiveness. These will be achieved by creating a high degree of certainty in terms of Transport Agency expectations for business planners, project technical designers, procurement process and functional project managers as well as ITS vendors and consultants.

The New Zealand ITS market, specifically in this case the Transport Agency Highways and Network Operations (HNO) domain is primarily vendor led. Improved consistency and clarity in the Transport Agency ITS planning, procurement, implementation and operational requirements will enable the Transport Agency to assume a leadership role in partnership with all interested parties.

The framework includes:

  • a coordinated package of Transport Agency business process improvement projects covering highway project planning, procurement process, legal and compliance considerations, technical requirements approval process, communications and other related aspects

  • current ITS standards and specifications(external link), developed to provide clear and robust procurement requirements for the supply and installation of ITS equipment on New Zealand's state highways. This includes devices such as variable message signs, CCTV cameras, lane control signals, ramp signals, emergency telephones, cables and ducting

  • these are supported by ITS drawings(external link)
  • transformation of the current set of ITS standards and specifications to ensure that all ITS documents fit in a logical, semantic and recursive structure enabling both 'cut and paste' of procurement specifications and transition to a ‘plug and play’ environment 

  • a forum(external link) (content under development) for registered users containing and maintaining a permanent record of:

    • current and past NZ Transport Agency ITS documents (standards, specifications, guidelines, notes, plans)
    • consultation process including opportunity to make comments and a subsequent review process
    • project departure requests including comments and review (not yet released)
    • change requests including comments and review to enable modification of any documents (not yet released).

Registration is required to clarify issues, track comments and minimise the risk of bias in specifications.

For feedback and further information about ITS content please email: