New Zealand's COVID-19 Alert System requires two metres of physical distancing at Level 3. The diagrams below suggest spatial dimensions that could allow for that distancing.

Further detail is provided in the ‘Types of responses’ page, and each project should also consider site-specific factors such as existing kerbs or planting.

Types of responses

These minimum spatial requirements will also allow for the one metre of physical distancing required at Level 2. However, in some cases, the responses made for Level 3 may be surplus to Level 2 requirements. In that instance, Councils could consider repurposing materials deployed for Level 3 responses across a larger number of sites for Level 2.

Safer movement – pedestrian path widths

Footpath with a wheelchair user and a pedestrian with safe distancingDownload image [PNG, 551 KB]

Safer movement – cycle lanes

Cyclist on the road with a safe buffer zone to a passing carDownload image [PNG, 445 KB]

Typical queuing space before COVID-19 (for eight bubbles)

Group of people, standing and in a wheelchair, queuing with minimal distance in the pre-COVID-19 era.Download image [PNG, 208 KB]

Safer waiting places – queuing for eight bubbles

People in a queue with 2 metre distancing observed.Download image [PNG, 604 KB]

Safer waiting places – space for eight bubbles

People standing in three queues that are staggered forward and back.Download image [PNG, 759 KB]