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Some brief clips that demonstrate safe driving in a number of driving situations. 

Intersections and give way rules

This video demonstrates the give way rules and shows how to drive through intersections safely.

Safe driving rules

There are three basic driving rules that will make you a safer driver.

  • KNOW … where you are going.

  • SEARCH … keep your eyes moving.

  • COMMUNICATE … your intentions.

Traffic lights

This clip shows the correct behaviour when using traffic lights.


Motorways are designed for high volumes of fast moving traffic. This clip shows the safe driving rules when travelling on motorways.

Open road driving

Open road situations allow a chance to move along freely without all the stops and starts with city driving. However, it is important to keep up with the traffic flow. This clip shows how to remain safe when travelling on the open road.

Choosing a vehicle

This video identifies vehicle safety features that can help keep you safe.