Analysis and evaluation

Evidence-based research-driven advertising

The national road safety advertising and enforcement campaign is based on a very high level of research. Crash data analysis forms the statistical basis of the entire campaign.

Crash data is analysed to identify who is crashing and where they’re crashing. We use this information to form the basis of each advertising brief.

Using these detailed briefs, our contracted advertising agency develops creative concepts. They use realistic scenarios to reach specific target audiences. To ensure that the correct message is taken from each individual campaign, all of our advertising is highly researched and tested with the relevant target audience from concept stage through to the end product.

Measuring effectiveness

The effectiveness of the campaign is determined by a set of intermediate and overall outcome measures. Both enforcement and advertising contribute to these outcome measures.

Output measures

  • Media space purchased and delivered, eg target audience rating points (TARPs) delivered, website visits and magazine readership.
  • Offence notices issued.

Intermediate outcomes

  • Audience recall and relevance.
  • Key public attitudes to road safety, eg drink-driving, speed.

Behavioural outcomes

  • Reduced drink-driving and speeds.

Overall outcomes

  • Reduced road deaths and injuries.