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Our national road safety advertising and enforcement campaign's main priorities are:

The key priorities of the campaigns are determined by Government road safety strategies.


More people are aware that driving at high speeds is dangerous, but there are still many people who like to travel at speeds too fast for the conditions. These drivers pose a risk to themselves and everyone else who is on the road with them.


Alcohol can seriously impact a person’s driving. It slows reaction times and affects their senses. Drink-driving continues to be a major problem on New Zealand roads.

Drug-affected driving

Driving under the influence of drugs is common and widespread. It’s also a serious road safety issue as the effect of drugs impairs a driver's alertness, skill and judgement.

Young drivers

Young people in New Zealand have lower levels of driving safety when compared with their peers in other developed countries. They’re inexperienced and more likely to be involved in a fatal or serious crash.

Driver distraction

A driver is distracted when they pay attention to an activity that takes their focus away from the primary task of driving. Any extra activity puts demands on a driver, which may reduce their driving standard and cause them to become less observant.

Vehicle safety

We promote vehicle safety ratings and safety features to encourage people to prioritise safety when purchasing a vehicle. Having newer, safer vehicles on New Zealand roads will also improve the country’s vehicle fleet.