We’re empowering our younger generations to thrive and have the freedom to walk, bus or bike to school by setting new speed limits.

We’re working together with local government on a target of implementing safe and appropriate speed limits outside all schools across Aotearoa, including kura kaupapa Māori and Kura ā Iwi, by the end of 2027. This is approximately 2,500 schools in total.

There are several ways to achieve safe speeds around schools. Some roads may get permanent speed limits and others such as the state highway may use variable speed limits. Our approach considers the surrounding area of a school, to look after tamariki travelling further than the streets outside the front gate.

We aim to deliver safe speed limits to between 80-120 schools by mid-2024. The remaining schools will be delivered in our next NLTP period (2024-27) because its roading environments are complex and will require longer conversations.

We’ll work closely with each school to implement these speed limit changes, so our future generations can get around safely in ways that are good for their health and the environment.

More details on proposed speed limits:

Draft Interim State Highway Speed Management Plan [PDF, 25 MB]