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Watch a short video for an overview of Road to Zero and what we're trying to achieve.

  • Video transcript
    Timestamp Visual information Audio information
    00:00 Animation of a car and scooter driving along a road and around a roundabout which look like they are on a map. NARRATOR: Imagine an Aotearoa New Zealand where everyone can get where they’re going safely.
    00:06 Animation of cars driving along a road, a car and people at the beach, a car pulling up to a house and the passengers waving. Where it’s safe to drive to work and home again, to go on a summer holiday roadie or visit whānau.
    00:14 Animation of a person on a bike and a person running over a map. Where it’s safe to ride bikes and let tamariki walk to school.
    00:17 Animation of cars, trucks, bikes, scooters and people moving over a map.

    Where transport improves our health and wellbeing, creating liveable places for our communities.

    This is our vision for Aotearoa New Zealand.

    00:26 Animated map folds up and changes to read New Zealand's Road to Zero Te ara ki te ora We’re not there yet, but we have a plan, it’s called Road to Zero.
    00:32 Map reappears and roads are highlighted, outlining the number 0. Road to Zero adopts a world leading approach to road safety that says it’s possible to have no loss of life or serious injury on roads.
    00:40 0 changes to 40% and beneath it 2030 appears. People are moving around the map.

    It sets a target of reducing deaths and serious injuries on our roads by 40% by the year 2030.

    To get there, we need your help.

    00:50 Icons appear representing roadworkers, media, councils, community groups, road designers, policy makers, car dealers, insurers, regulators, police, whānau, parents, students and teachers. Waka Kotahi, media, councils, community groups, road designers, policy makers, car dealers, insurers, regulators, police... whānau, parents, students, teachers and us as individuals, all have a shared responsibility for keeping people safe on our roads.
    01:07 Animation of a person in a car putting on their seatbelt. It’s important we all follow the rules and make safe choices when we travel but we all know people make mistakes, so crashes will still happen.
    01:16 Animation of a car crashing into the back of another car, a safety barrier along the road and a tow truck driving past. But we can prevent people being killed or seriously injured in these crashes by building a safe transport system that protects people at every turn.

    Animation of a truck and scooter travelling along roads on a map, a car with five stars appearing above it, multiple vehicles travelling along roads in a city, and a car travelling along a road in the country.

    As humans we’re vulnerable in a crash so we need everyone, making safe choices, in safe vehicles, on safe roads and travelling at safe speeds.
    01:36 Animated map folds up and changes to read New Zealand's Road to Zero Te ara ki te ora

    With a well mapped plan and a shared commitment from all of us, we know we can get there.

    It takes everyone to get to no one. Mā tātou e kore tētahi e hinga.

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