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Choice – Queenstown's real-time transport app pilot

Last updated Wednesday 10 July 2019:

Pilot programme is now complete. Thank you for your participation.

The Choice app was a trial programme that delivered live transport information and travel options (both public and private) to consumers. It ran in 2018, as part of our Mobility as a Service (MaaS) pilot programme.

Consumers could choose from a number of travel options – taxi, bus, shuttle, ride-share or helicopter – and see exactly when their transport would arrive, in real time.

The Queenstown pilot has now been successfully completed and the information it gathered is being used in the next steps of the NZ Transport Agency’s Mobility Operating System (MobilityOS).

Next steps

The focus now is on ensuring that the key building blocks of MobilityOS are in place, and developing the data platform so that it can be made available to other providers offering their own applications to the public.

It will also be used by the Transport Agency’s Transport Operations Centres (TOCs) to help with traffic management, including the provision of traffic and travel information to the public through our website and via social media.