NZTA SSDF Segment Manager

Version: 3.0.0
October 2013


The NZTA SSDF Segment Manager (SM) is a component of SSDF which uses traffic flow measurements from SSDF to estimate the time required for vehicles to travel along sections of major transport routes within the Auckland region.

The routes available include:

  • SH1, SH16, SH18, S20, SH20A, SH20B 
  • 30 arterial routes, including R12 – CBD – Auckland Airport route (See Notes – Arterial Routes) 
  • calculates the total time required to travel along a group of sections (known as a journey) 
  • provides facilities for maintaining the application data it uses. 

The Segment Manager is accessible through a web interface (known as the Segment Manager 'web application').

Traffic flow information can be accessed by other applications through Segment Manager's webservice API (or feed).

Notes - Arterial Routes
Sign Posted Routes

R04 Dominion Road
R05 Ellerslie Panmure Highway
R06 Eastern route (CBD to Otahuhu)
R07 Tamaki Drive
R08 Ti Rakau Drive-Harris Rd-East Tamaki Rd
R09 Great North Road
R10 Mt Albert to South Eastern Arterial (SEART)
R11 Blockhouse Bay Road
R12 CBD – Auckland Airport
R13 Te Atatu – Edmonton - Henderson Valley
R14 Mangere and Massey roads
R15 Godley and Hillsborough roads
R17 Roscommon and Weymouth roads
R19 Lincoln Road
R21 East Coast Road-Wairau Road
R25 Greville Rd-East Coast Road
R26 Wairau Rd-Devonport
R27 Onewa Road
R28 Coatesville-Riverhead Highway
R29 Oteha Valley Road
R30 Te Irirangi and Cavendish drives
R31 Dairy Flat Highway
R32 Hobsonville Road
R33 Whangaparaoa Road
R34 Ormiston and Sandstone roads
R35 Maioro-Tiverton-Wolverton-Clark-Great North
R37 Wiri Station-Mill-Cosgrave roads

R80 Great North Road
R81 Great North Road
R82 Highbrook Drive
R83 Neilson Street
R84 SH1 to Neilson St
R85 Onehunga Wharf Rd
R86 Wairau Road
R87 Queen Street
R99 SW interchange-Sandringham Road-Bond St

On May 16, 2012 SSDF 6 was added. This is a new request format that developers should be familiar with.