Sample Programs

Here are two sample programs that you may run and interact with the SOAP APIs that are provided through InfoConnect.

C# - Download Zip File [ZIP, 1 KB]

Java - Download Zip File [ZIP, 2 KB]

 Before using these programs you need to make sure that you have the following

C# 6 or higher installed(external link)

Java 1.6 or higher installed(external link)

You need to have a username/password to put into the SOAP requests, if you don’t  have these then you can request them here.


Disclaimer when using the above programs

These programs assume you are not sitting behind a corporate proxy.

If you are writing a reasonably large application, it would be wise to use 3rd party libraries to make sending/receiving SOAP messages simpler and more consistent.

These two programs are merely to show how it could be done and to provide something you can paste onto your computer, run and get results immediately.

They are not a prescription of best practice nor a recommendation of how to use SOAP. It’s expected that you may use these to start and then introduce architecture, libraries and conventions of your own that are appropriate for your usage of the API’s.