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Alcohol interlocks

Alcohol interlocks prevent drink-driving. Drivers have to blow into a device linked to a computer. If the computer detects alcohol, the car won't start. In some cases drivers can't even unlock the car without a clear test.

Find out more about the alcohol interlock programme

Doze alert/drowsy warning

These systems detect and alert you when you're showing signs of tiredness, eg fixed staring or slow reactions. See intelligent transport systems for more information.

Safety belt reminders

These reminders are an audible warning telling you to fasten your safety belt, often rising in volume until the belt is in place.

Driver’s vision and vehicle visibility

Daytime running lamps

These are lights that work during the day. They make your car more visible to other road users, particularly when moving from sunlight into shadow or when light is poor, such as around dawn and dusk.

Headlight cleaning system

An automatically activated feature that cleans your headlights when you use your windscreen washer.

Night vision technology

These systems use non-visible light frequencies to enhance your vision.

Reverse assist

This feature alerts you with a warning tone if you’re at risk of reversing into something or someone. Some systems sound an alert outside the car to warn others that they're in the path of a reversing car.

Reversing camera

This feature uses a camera mounted on the back of your car to provide you with a view of the road behind. They prevent you from reversing into pedestrians and are particularly good for four-wheel drives and cars with small rear windscreens, which have limited rear visibility.